A Nigerian-born, NYC based Fashion and lifestyle Enthusiast. I find inspiration in culture, nature, music, books, fashion, and people. I created this website to influence people as other Lifestyle, and travel bloggers have inspired me. As someone who loves to explore different places, I did not travel when I was a child due to financial circumstances. Because of this, I decided to travel. I emigrated from Nigeria to the United States in 2011; my parent worked a lot, so I never went on vacation.

Being me: adventurous, spontaneous, and always eager to find out and try new things, I decided to explore New York City. In high school, I receive $10 a week which was little, so I research about free things to do in New York City. My blogging career began during my junior year of high school. I created my website for people with similar stories; People who want to travel, eat fancy, adventurous, but are hindered to do so due to financial circumstances.  My website includes tips and reviews of affordable places to eat, travel, visit, and events.