There are so many cupcakes bakeries in New York City but one of my favorite cupcake bakeries is the sprinkles cupcake. Aside from Martha Bakery, sprinkles cupcake has been the best cupcake I have eaten.  Sprinkles cupcake has different locations, but my favorite location in New York City is located at BROOKFIELD PLACE.  You can learn more Brookville place by reading this article Brookfield Place – NYC


I love this location because of the incredible view. This location does not sell Ice cream, but the LEXINGTON AVENUE  do. Sprinkles cupcake is not only known for the delicious cupcakes but the great membership program which customers can earn points toward free cupcakes and ice cream. In order to receive free cupcakes, a person needs to sign up. After signing up, the person will receive a personal code and can start earning points. In order to receive points, the person needs to provide his or her phone number when buying a cupcake. The signup referral is SIGN UP FOR SPRINKLES CUPCAKE.

I love the beautiful packaging and the cupcake cost $3.75. The Lexington Avenue cupcake has an ATM Sprinkle machine which is awesome!.


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