Brookfield Place – NYC

There are multiple things to do in New York City and Brookfield Place is a great location to do most of the things. It is a great place to visit during the holidays because of the decorations, shopping centers, ice skating, and different events. There are varieties of restaurants include Starbucks, Vegetarian Eateries, and Sprinkles Cupcake. Brookfield Place is located in downtown Manhattan which is at the center of historical places. After visiting this location, a person can walk to the 9/11 memorial museum, a movie theater, and other places.

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Brookville Christmas Decoration


After leaving the building, there are fun activities to participate which include ice skating and concerts.  I would recommend everyone to visit this place during the holiday season and the summer. It is a great place to visit during the summer because of the sunset and warm breeze.



Lastly, this is a great place to take a nice selfie!  The direction from Forest Hills or the E train is Direction 


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  1. Christianie says:

    Very interesting, just came across your page, I think I am going to visit NYC soon! Thanks for you advise!

    1. You are welcome, and if you need more places to explore, I will be glad to tell you.

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