College Five Days Of Self Care Challenge Activities

Self-care is essential for the body mental and physical health. As a college student who is involved, I have three jobs, in a sorority, attend clubs, and a personal blogger. Before I made the self-care decision, I barely created time for myself. It led to anxiety, body changes, and negative outcomes. As a Residential Community Advisor, I was expected to arrive on campus early- we had a stressful week of training. It led to the five days self- care decision.

First Day Of Self- Care- Treat Yourself

As an extrovert, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner with my friends which I rarely do. The thing is that I don’t eat out unless on special occasions. Going out to eat is self-care because I am always on campus, so doing something off campus and outside my usual horizon felt good. Also, having fun with friends made me feel refresh.


Second Day- Party

Wow, the second day of self- care is here. I was unsure of what to do then I SUPER matched with someone on Tinder. I made a decision earlier not to use Tinder, but at this moment, Tinder became my self care. We got to know each other then he asked me if I would like to attend his fraternity party. BOOM, a heavenly light shined on me, and I realize what was missing in my life. I met with my tinder date, and the rest was… LITT as college students speak. Although some people believe that partying is bad, it relieves stress. Dancing and meeting people energize and brings me joy.

Third Day- Hiking

Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities. It was a way to refresh my body while I enjoyed nature. I wanted to combine the first and second day of self-care, so hiking sounded perfect. I explored and appreciated earth with friends and residents. Hiking is a self-care due to body workout and doing something that I love.

Fourth Day

One of my favorite things is to explore: go to the park, walk around, visit the library, e.t.c. That is what I did for my fourth day of self-care. Even though my college is in a small city, I explored the city with my friends. It was a way to think, clear my mind, and have fun with my friends. Also, I learned more about the city.

Fifth Day

Netflix and Chill

PS: Seeing a Broadway show is a great self-care activity. Check out My First Broadway show Article