Travel To Europe On A Budget As a College Student !

As you all are aware, I love to travel and explore new places. I have been to six countries, but my goals are to visit nine countries. The article gives various advice on how to travel on a budget. To accomplish the goal, one should set the goal and have steps to achieve the goals. I learned that it takes self-control to achieve a goal. Why self- control? Self-control is prioritizing your money, spending habits, and to be aware of a need and wants. Here are ways to travel to Europe for cheap:

1. Study Abroad

Study Abroad is a great way to travel to different countries for CHEAP. A friend traveled to thirteen counties while he studies abroad. It is cheap because you can use financial aid and college funds to pay for the trip. Also, some professors take the students abroad to study and research for free, so always ask around!


2. Book Your Flight Early

It is an important part of traveling. I bought a plane ticket to Mexico for more than five hundred dollars in December and three hundred, and eighty-two dollars ticket in March. There are different price ranges which is helpful to a person who wants to travel. I bought a plane ticket to Greece for seven hundred and thirty-two dollars in April, but my friend who decided to buy a ticket a week in advance found a thousand dollars tickets.


The best way to save money while traveling is to sign up for travel accounts. Skyscanner is a great site because it looks for the cheapest ticket but also gives you the best option. You can build up a point which later adds up to purchase tickets, book a hotel or rent a car.


3. Buy A Connecting Flight/Layover

It is a great way to see different countries just with one ticket. Purchase a connecting flight that has at least nine hours layover or a day layover. You can use this time to explore the layover country. Be prepared for the journey: research the places you want to see, convert your money prior leaving your home country, learn about the transportation system, and the language.

4. Not American Citizen? Get Schengen Visa

It is a great way to travel to different countries in Europe for an affordable price. You can check out my article on Things To Do Before You Travel. When you receive the Schengen visa, fly to a European country, then buy a ticket from that country to other countries. It is inexpensive to travel between European countries.

5. Convert Dollars To Europe

Converting your dollars to euros will save you a lot of money. For example, I spent over hundred dollars in Paris in a day because my bank charged me. To save money, change your money at your home country airport.


DO NOT convert your money at the airport, instead, withdrawal from an atm. I took out One hundred and seventy-five Euros, and they took out two hundred and twenty-two euros at the airport!. I decided to withdrawal One hundred and fifty euros at the atm some weeks later because of the airport distance. Bank Of America did not charge me money.


6. Fly During The Weekday

It is a great way to save plane tickets. Why? Plane tickets are cheaper during the weekdays compared to the weekend. Also, there are sites that compare plane tickets. Here are sites:

Sky Scanner 

The site provides affordable plane tickets, hotels, and car rentals.


The site compares different tickets and gives you the cheapest flight.