Fashion is a powerful tool in this world. It is a way by which people express their feelings, who they are and the different aspects of their lives. Although fashion is different everywhere, it brings people from different continents together. Fashion can be used to make political statements and convey a personal belief.


To me, fashion is the way that I express myself. I love an item of cloth that shows my curve, legs, collarbones, and chest. I love clothes that make me feel sexy, and these kinds of clothes give me more confidence. For accessories, I do not like a lot of accessories. Although I am not a big fan of accessories, I love rings and necklaces. Also, bright nail colors are my favorite.


I love fashion because it is ubiquitously. It is around the world and has been around for generations. It is a way to identify a group of people from an ethnic group, a country, or a state. For example, although Nigeria is a country, it has different ethnic groups, and fashion is the way people differentiate the ethnic groups.


Growing up in different continents and countries made me realize how fashion and a culture and tangible. The man bun which came into effect through the hipster culture was originally worn in China around 200BC. The man bun became a fashion trend in twenty thirteen. Although it is great how people love to explore other culture fashion, speaking of the fashion historical content is better. It is exciting to wear a cloth from another culture, but disrespectful to claim it has yours. Cultural appropriation, especially in fashion, is wrong, so give homage to where it is due.