A lot of people ask the question “how can I get rid of my blackheads and pimples?” over the past two years, I was one of those people. I watched and read a lot of YouTube videos, but some of the remedies given didn’t work or took a long time to work.

During my research, I read that toothpaste removes pimples. Since I was a 10th-grade girl with no job and less money to buy expensive products, I decided to try the toothpaste remedy. I used Colgate baking soda toothpaste because it has baking soda and peroxide. I applied it before going to bed, and I saw a dramatic change when I woke up; the pimples decreased. Although the pimples didn’t leave immediately,  there was a big improvement. I informed people about my new discovery, but they told me that it did not work for them. This is because they did not use toothpaste with peroxide. Colgate toothpaste works because it includes both baking soda and peroxide, which dry out pimples and help to reduce visibility

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  1. Another cheap over the counter remedy for removing blackheads is Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub. This scrub doesn’t actually work to remove pimples, but it works on blackheads. It didn’t work for me immediately unlike the Colgate baking soda. I use it to remove my makeup and my face always feels fresh when I wake up.

    Follow these steps:

    1.Always remove your makeup
    2.Always wash your face two times a day even if you’re not wearing makeup.
    3.Wash your face every night and morning because of the dirt that accumulates during the day.
    4.Wash your face before you apply your makeup.
    5.Wash your makeup brushes at least every week. Click on this link to learn how to wash your makeup brush.
    6.Don’t change your face products.


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