Why You Should Study Abroad In Greece

Based on my study abroad experience, here are the reasons why you should study abroad.

A year from now, I had to decide what country to Study Abroad. It was a difficult decision because there are hundreds of programs and countries. I decided to travel to Greece, and it is the best decision that I have made.


I wanted to travel to a country that has various places to explore which includes beaches and mountains. Greece was the perfect place for me and here is the reason why you should study abroad in Greece.

1. You Can Travel To Other European Countries For Cheap

Greece plane ticket is inexpensive compared to other European countries. Traveling to Greece will give you the opportunity to explore other neighboring European counties without breaking your bank. Since Greece is in Europe, and part of the Schengen countries, a person with the Schengen visa can travel to other countries in the Schengen area without applying for a different visa.  Also, Greece has beautiful islands which are great to visit during the weekend while studying abroad. Compared to other countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and e.t.c., Greece has different beautiful islands, and it is cheap to travel to other countries.

2. The Classes Are Engaging And More Of Critical Thinking

Something I admire about the greek education is that it focuses on critical thinking. In America, the professors usually talk throughout the lecture which bores me. In Greece classroom, the professor engages with the students and emphasize more on group work. Studying in Greece gave me the opportunity to think out of the box compared to studying in America. I had to research about countries which are different from America- America education focuses more on America economy and America as a whole.

3. Less Expensive To Live In Greece Compared To Other European Countries

Although the euro has more value than dollars which is convincing, Greece is inexpensive to live compared to other European countries. The wine in Greece cost two euros compared to the wine in America. I paid more than two euros for a one-way train ticket in Paris, but Greece ticket cost 2.50 euros for ninety minutes unlimited ride.

4. Greeks Are Nice

People in Greece are nice and sweet compared to the people in Paris. I was given free drinks and free food because I was new to the country. Also, the men are romantic. 😉 The people are willing to help, give advice and engage.

5. Internships, Extraordinary Field Trips And Activities

A reason why I love Greece is the astounding trips and the activities. Michael Phelps trained in the university pool to prepare for the Olympics. There are great internships that the college send to the students which I wish that I could apply too. Also, the college organizes astonishing field trips.